Our organisation packages are flexible to your needs. Whether you are a local activity centre, playgroup or a private school, our sessions can be tailored to fit in with your scheduling. Funky Feet is structured as a peer-mentor system, we deliver the sessions to children, whilst guiding your team through the Funky Feet methodology and content. This allows your organisation to deliver future Funky Feet independently or to book us to deliver future programmes.

Funky Feet is designed to support the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage). This is a framework and standard for the learning, development and care of children from birth up until 5 years old. You can read more about how we support the EYFS over on this page (link to teachers page).


Funky Feet is a half term programme that helps develop the fundamental skills everyone needs such as running, jumping, hopping, concentration and balance. It is designed for children aged 2-6.

Unlike other activity groups or schemes for children, Funky Feet makes each and every session fun. This helps children engage in the session, apply themselves and learn more.

Our sessions focus on developing different skills through the use of different objects, activities and songs each week. More information about each of our sessions can be found here.


The first five years of life are crucial to development and growth. In formal education settings, children will not learn through physical activity until they reach school. Funky Feet lets children learn & develop from the age of 2.

Funky Feet is designed not only to develop a child’s fundamental skills, but also to promote and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Children who take part in Funky Feet build stronger muscles & bones, establish healthier habits that will take them through to adult hood and help with physical fitness levels.

Funky Feet helps children develop their thinking and concentration – allowing them to develop and learn better. It also encourages children to develop their social, personal and emotional skills as they interact with others.

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